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8400m - 1080p to an LCD tv via HDMI - BAD image


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& all the while things look pretty if hooked up using VGA.

elsewhere the suggested cure is to alter the .inf (or same thing via a registry hack, as below) where the driver is told to ignore the EDID that the display sends in order for the graphics card not to treat it as a tv.




i've now played with this for a few days, trying an LG, Sharp & Sony 1080p 32" displays. the above hack seems to have no effect, despite the fact that the (model-specific) EDID that it refers to is correct - above for the sony 1080p 32" 120Hz.

i can get 1:1 mapping on screens that have setting to disable overscan, but the image is still ugly, and settings via nVidia control panel don't stick. i'm starting to suspect some DRM-related conspiracy where nvidia is on purpose preventing full quality output over HDMI.

so now - how do we get around this? i trust someone here is far more knowledgeable than i am about hacking the drivers.

at least on the winXP platform 1080p is an excellent resolution to use - going higher than that the text gets uncomfortably small, and the OS's scaling function is lacking as a lot of programs have not been written to support that. i don't fancy going VGA - it's obsolete, and in my specific setup also not viable due to the long cable pull to reach the screen.

hp 2700t / geForce 8400m / tried a few different nvidia drivers - issue remains the same. now got the latest ones installed. & all the while, i AM succesfully using an old viewsonic 1366x768 LCD tv over HDMI - so the port on my laptop is not faulty.

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