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Guest Kolroy

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Guest Kolroy

I've been very confused by what i've seen from all those posts and FAQs and stuff so i want to lay it straight here.

First: Do i, or do i not have to uninstall my driver first?

Second: What drives work on my Laptop? Lemme lay down my Specs

Toshiba Satellite A10

1.00Gb Ram

NVIDIA Geforce 7300 256 mb

Third: Can i update my drive from a Geforce to a Forceware? Specifically the 177.73 model?

Fourth: If not, what driver do you recommend for me to play Mass Effect with nice graphics and fluent game play?

Fifth: do i actually have to take apart my computer to upgrade my drive?

Many Thanks, please reply.

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1. Not necessarily sometimes, but yes

2. Read the Quickstart Guide and General FAQ again

3. Don't confuse hardware and software. See answer 2 also

4. You might not manage that with your hardware

5. No. It's called a driver and it is software to make your hardware work

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Download driver sweeper (google it) and Dox's 182.05 from this site. Uninstall your existing driver. Reboot into safe mode (F8 on boot). Run driver sweeper and use for nvidia video driver. Reboot. Install Dox's driver. Reboot.

Don't expect Mass Effect to run well, your card is not that great.

Geforce is part of the name of the hardware graphics card. Forceware is part of the name of the software drivers.

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If you mean with driver sweeper then, after uninstalling the driver and rebooting into safe mode, select "NVIDIA - Display" then click "Analyse" then click "Clean".

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