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Graphical corruption and crashes on Dell M1530

Guest Razenko

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Guest Razenko


Lately I'm experiencing a lot of crashes and graphical corruption errors when running games on my Dell M1530, I'm currently using driver version 181.20, and have tried several different drivers which did not change anything.

The crashes vary from showing temporary corruption, even in Vista, to complete Bsods, hardlocks and resets.

However, the crashes happen most of the time when starting up a game, and really when entering the graphical (in-game) part of the game.

I've tried testing my system using Furmark and Atitool, which did not crash, and my RAM seems to be fine as well (tested it).

But when playing games the system often crashes, and I'm starting to suspect my 8600 GT is dying on me, especially considering most of the crashes occur when the videocard has to speed up.

Another problems is, is that a have a lanparty on friday, and I really need my laptop to be ok by then, and obviously it has to be able to run games without crashing.

So, would installing different drivers make any difference?, since I havent tried Dells official drivers since I got the system, but I doubt it makes a difference.

So, what can I do to make my laptop gameable by friday?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Your 8600m GT has died... sorry.

There is no chance of recovery for you video card.

Everything else is probably ok and the 8600m GT in laptop is usually the first thing to go. So if you got custom RAM make sure you keep it when they issue a replacement.

I had this with a 7600 GS a few years ago. It died on me... and I was sad :)

The only thing you can do is get Dell to replace it if it is still under warranty (it will take a week or so to get a replacement processed and shipped)

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Well, drastic solution.

I would recommend to format your PC and use the official Dell video drivers on the clean system.

In my Toshiba x205-9810 with 8700m I have the same problem. Only original drivers and 179.14 are working correctly - all other crashes

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Get the Dell bios update to increase the fan speed and duration, and use a driver intended for laptops like 179.48.

Reinstall windows if needs be to rule out other problems.

If it is a problem with an 8600m then Dell have an extended warranty with them because they are more likely to develop a fault.

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The only 18x driver that worked on my 1520 with that card is the 185.20 driver. The newest beta from nvidia's site should also run pretty good on there. Most drivers I tried weren't stable.

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