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nVidia GeForce 8600M GS PLEASE HELP!


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im using a fujitsu-siemens amillo xi 2428 with a nvidia geforce 8600m gs card on it..

one day the pc suddenly shut down and when i tried to opened it again i was getting a blue screen before my windows vista started..

the pc runs in safe mode..

i formatted the laptop and tried vista again.got same problem.

i tried ubuntu but after 3-4 days the graphics broke there too..

im using vista again..

when i install the driver for my card i am getting a blue screen.

thats why im using my laptop without video card drivers...

any1 knows whats happening and how/if i can fix it without buying a new graphic card...??

thx in advance.

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Do you see any unusual lines on your screen? And what are your gpu temps?

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yes i am seeing some unusual lines in my screen while windows is loading...

i dont know what my gpu temps are...

where can i check it..?

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yes i am seeing some unusual lines in my screen while windows is loading...

Sounds like your card has been fried, and blue lines whilst loading windows is a BAD sign.

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What a concidience i got the same problem here from the same brand Fujitsu Siemens :S Amilo Xa 2528.

So im also running my laptop with standard drivers, since the only drivers to get my laptop work for a bit was those from this site.

GPU: 67c core: 71c temp : 67c temp1 51c, barely running anything.

:) Already replaced my motherboard a month ago b4 here, i was getting some crazy artifacts but that was from overheating :\

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The 8600 GS has had alot of problems at release.

Your having the same problems i had with my HP Pavillion DV9535nr. All you will be doing is replacing the motherboard every month or so now. At least thats how it was for me. Every time id get it back, it'd be good for a day, i'd load everything again and WHAM back to the same problem.

Hope you can get it fixed, only way i got it fixed was through Bestbuy's no lemon policy. They had to give me a whole new computer for the price i paid for my HP.

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I have a hp pavilion dv 9700 Laptop

proccesor: intelĀ® core 2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83GHz 1.83GHz

Memory (RAM) : 4 GB

Sistem type: 64-bit Operating System

Graphics Card : Nvidia Geforce 8600m GS

One night using my laptop turns off, turn it on again to a blue screen came out saying windows is having problems turning it on again small dots of color appeared on the screen, watching the rest is running fine.

looking in device manager to check, the graphics card stopped working

I tried downloading new drivers, I uninstall and install restart my laptop completely, but I have the same problem.

Can anybody help me what the problem is my graphics card or my motherboard.

I wonder if my graphics card is the problem because I want to buy better and I would like to know if geforce 8800m is compatible with my laptop




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i also got the same problem i have HP dv 9746tx laptop please help me please

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Guest mixalis


yesterday while I was playing an online game, suddenly my screen went off and had lines all over it. I could see nothing and the sound stuck. would it be the graphics card because when I start my pc now, the hdd light is not on at all and I between changing the hdd or the graphics card. I connected an external screen but nothing on it again. the thing is that maybe it doesn't get into windows so that's why I am so confused.

Any help???

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