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I have HP Dv9746Tx.can i get some Help


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i have a Hp dv9746tx with 8600m gs 512mb ddr2 can u tell me can i upgrade my graphics card any way??.when i contact hp they tell me we need to change whole motherboard.and buying a new laptop is better than chaning motherboard.can i upgrade my graphics card??.or is ther any way to increase the FPS in games like GTA4 and Wheelman..does overclocking make a big diffrence in FPS??.if Yes how much is the best overclock for my 8600m gs 512mb ddr2.please answer me these questions

thanks in advance

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I doubt you will be able to upgrade the graphics card. If its HP, it is most likely that the GPU is soldered onto the motherboard, which means you cannot upgrade. You can't really upgrade in laptops anyway, only a small percentage of models have MXM slots.

As for overclocking, it will increase performance but only marginally, depends how much you overclock.

For increasing FPS in games like GTA4, lower the settings, its a CPU demanding game. I play on all low. I dont know about Wheelman. I used to have an 8600m GS but I didnt overclock it so I cant tell you the best overclock available.

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GTA4 is a CPU demanding game??it means we need higher CPU for higher performace?? hey do u think my laptop Graphics is a good graphic card??and are all games like GTA are CPU demanding.i mean just cause wheelman etcc..

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GTA IV is just a badly optimized game. You really need a high end dual core or quad core to run it properly.

8600M GS is ok, its a bit underpowered, I used to have one and it was fine for playing source games and COD4. Crysis, Assassins Creed and Grid performed poorly and were only playable at low resolutions. It is ok if you want to run games at medium settings.

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