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Optimise a Quadro 1600M for gaming

Clark Kent

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Hi u guys... I know the Quadro series are a business line of cards and hence not designed to perform optimally in games.... but arent there tweaks / modified drivers etc that can be used to optimise this card for gaming? Please enlighten me on the matter. Games such as GTA 4, UT3 , etc run ok, but I'm sure it could be better with a little tweaking. :)

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Compared to 8700M GT the difference is minuscule, well under 1%. Just get the latest drivers, for instance this is a good one, Dox optimised:


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Guest Ivalde

Hi! Instead of making a new topic for the same question, i just post it here.

I use a quadro FX 1600M on my HP Compaq 8710w laptop. I have windows XP installed and upgraded all my drivers to the latest (no custom stuff) This weekend i wanted to play Giant citizen kabuto, and the game crashes. I changed the resolution options and the game is "playable" but with husge lagg, polygon spikes and texture acting wierd by disappearing / flickering. I ve also had problems with Titan Quest and other games (i dont remember names)

I run Half Life 2 ok, with sourcemods. Fallout 3 work ok, so does Dawn of war 2. All is newer games, but every now and then there is some games that i cant play because of flickering and textures disappearing.

Any XP driver that can help with this problem?


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