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strange offscreen area


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I've noticed that on the right hand side of my screen, for only the top 50% of the screen, there has been, since installing the latest driver, an off-screen zone into which the pointer disappears. but while it is "out there" it can only go 50% down the screen. this would be nothing more than a little quirk other than every once and a while a program decides that it will send the window to this "offscreen area" and then I have to try to guess where it is and drag it back onto the desktop or, with itunes for windows, I can't do this and now it's disappeared into the nowhere zone! I think I will have to go back to the 4x.xx series drivers for now...

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i suppose this "offscreen area" is

a) a Virtual Desktop enabled from you through the nView Desktop Manager (because it's disabled by default)

-> solution: disable all Virtual Desktops, if you don't have devices connected and always use them


b) nView Mode "Horizontal Span" with enabled but not connected 2nd device such as monitor or TV

-> solution: use "Single Display" mode

If you have Single Display mode enabled and you can still move the mouse out of your desktop area then something else is wrong with your resolution/driver/OS settings. If only the window/application "appears" outside your desktop area (or in this case doesn't show up on your desktop :D ) then it's because your OS saved the previous position of that window/application. To permanently bring it back you have to enable a) or b) , connect a second Display and you will see the window/application on the second device. Bring it back (move it) to your Desktop, close the window/application and disable a) or b). Next time the window/application should appear on your desktop. Also try disabling in "Extras/Folder Options/View" the last option ("restore previous bla on logon").

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