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hey everyone

I have Hp dv9644ca laptop and it has geforce 8600M GS card 256MB DDR2. I have been using 179.48 driver, which has been great so far. However, I have seend 179.67 driver and attempted to install it but failed. In the original INF it lists my card, but i couldnt. So i was going to use modified one, but then I saw 18x.xx series drivers.

Any reason why the original 179.67 INF file didn't work??

I want to take advantage of the CUDU feature for HD video decoding feature through coreavc, not powerdvd drivers (which are good, but only through powerdvd player).

So Which version of 18x.xx series driver is suitable for my laptop for performance and quality. Like it shouldn't overheat (without over clocking). Are there any problems with 18x.xx drivers regards to mobile graphics card that i should know?


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For using CUDA in CoreAVC, you will need 182.06 or newer drivers. However, it is not true that H.264 acceleration with PowerDVD's decoders will work only in the PowerDVD player. You can use Media Player Classic-HomeCinema with DXVA support (http://nunnally.ahmygoddess.net/watching-h264-videos-using-dxva/). Here you can change which DirectShow Filter is being used for H.264 decoding by following that tutorial, and when you get to the "External Filters" section, simply choose "CyberLink H.264/AVC Decoder (PDVD8)" and set it to "Prefer." Of course, if you want to use CoreAVC, you can do that by just choosing "CoreAVC H.264 decoder" instead of CyberLink, and set that to Prefer. Make sure all other decoders are blocked. This setup works perfectly on my machine.

Just remember, PowerDVD's decoders may not work with hardware acceleration with H.264 videos encoded at Level 5.1 or higher. In those cases, you will need CoreAVC+CUDA.

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