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sony vaio,6 years old.

i am 13 and i really cant afford to buy a new pc.

so i need some help here,i gotta run these specs on my laptop.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP; 1 GHz clock speed processor; 512 MB of RAM; 2 GB free space in HD; video adapter with 64Mb or higher (see the list of supported adapters); 64 Kbps internet connection.

i have most of it,but for some reason...........i just cant run it well.

the server has lag,lots but most gm;s say it is my pc.

i have xp,2.33 proccessor,1.3 ram,space doesnt really mattter and here is the problem!

gm's say that my card is no good.

i use a GE Force 6200 that should be good enough but i am not sure.

can anyone tell me how to help here?

btw the game is Taikodom,www.taikodom.com

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Not really familiar with that game. Is your gpu in the list of 'supported adapters'. It should be good enough to run it and a simple driver update in this case may solve the issue (unless you have intentions of maxing out the game). Try these:


Use with modded inf (The FAQ section is your friend).

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First Trini I've seen on the forums! When you download the driver and modded inf, Put the inf you downloaded inside the driver folder replacing the original, for more info:


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i think i know you.

you know a ravaal sookoo?i am his brother

if not nvm but if you are the one i think,the have some problem with your wrist and have to keep twisting and cracking it.you lent us half life a while back.

and this inf thing i dont understand at all,i am 13 :S

all i want is something to improve my driver in ANY form so i can enjoy this and other games like WoW more.

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Nah, I don't know a Ravaal Sookoo, probably mix up with someone else.

Anyway, ok never mind about the modded inf. Here is a driver download that doesn't require a modded inf:


Just run, setup and your game should work better. If it doesn't it could be due to server, internet connection, those problems etc. What connection are you on? (Blink, Flow or TSTT dial up?)

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Yes just install.

Your internet connection should be ok.

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