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Sony Vaio / cannot install any drivers successfully


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Hello I am a new member of these forums. Hope to find some resolution to my issues, if I can't solve it here, I doubt I will be able to solve it anywhere.

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT390ZP with an Nvidia FX Geforce 5600 Go GPU. The issue is I have tried to install both the video drivers listed at the Sony website for this model, and experimented with manual install via Device Manager as well. All attempts fail. What happens is the driver install hangs in all cases at a certain point. It does so at the point when you see your screen flash off and on again. When it returns from flashing off/on, the driver install is extremely slow, mouse movement is frozen or slow, and cannot really even access Task Manager to see what is happening. I've left it sitting at this point for up to 20 minutes, basically system is almost frozen, mouse still moves somewhat, but driver install never completes itself. I have to shut down and restart laptop manually. The driver shows up in Add/Remove programs often after I reboot, but not shown as being installed in Device Manager.

I am looking for someone knowledgeable or experienced with the same or similar problem, basically I have tried everything and cannot get a working driver installed on this laptop. Any constructive help or ideas would be most appreciated.

I cannot use drivers direct from Nvidia, they are not supported for Sony Vaio laptops.

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I just followed the "Have Disk" instructions, in fact using the same Forceware driver and modded INF used in the instructions (http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=33). Also the device having drivers installed for it in these visual instructions is the same as mine precisely, a Geforce FX 5600 Go. I followed the instructions exactly and to the letter, and my screen was in its LCD native resolution (1400x1050).

Still the installation failed at exactly the same point. After most of the files are installed and the status bar is at almost 100%, the screen flashes off, then on again. When it comes back to on, the system is for all intensive purposes frozen, a little jittery mouse movement is possible, but the system is acting mostly hardware locked or frozen. Again I waited 10 minutes, saw no improvement or progress, and had to manually restart the machine and load into Windows using the Last Known Good configuration state. I am certain all traces of previous video driver installation attempts had been uninstalled before I made my latest attempt.

I have perused these forums extensively over the last few days, but I am at my wits end finding a solution here. Please Help

**NERD log file attached in ZIP format.


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