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Significant improvement from DOX 180.84 with GTA4.

Installed with no problems!

Temp dropped compared to 180.84 by 1-5 degrees when gaming and idle!

Superb Work! Keep going!

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Great thanks Dox, i really like how you've made the nvidia control panel set out on it's own with no install into the system tray

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**Sorry, I asked this in the wrong 185 tab! Meant to be in 185.85 - too many open, very sorry**

I'm sorry if I seem out of place here or to have massively misunderstood what this driver is for, but I've spent the last two hours or so searching for a driver that will work with my Soon Vaio VGN-FZ21S laptop and GeForce 8600m GS card (hence the rather uninspired name). I downloaded the latest 185.85 from Nvidia, but it isn't compatible with Vaio Laptops, and I was wondering if this would be? I've seen talk and then read about modified INF files, but I don't know if this will actually help in this case, or if it only enables a driver to install on the mobile version of the card it was designed for, not a specific manufacture's model of laptop?

My notebook runs with 2G of ram, 2.2ghz dual core and the afore mentioned card, and yet I'm stuck running games like EVE online, Red Alert 3, World in Conflict and even (when I played it) WoW on low. It's pathetic :-(

If anyone could help me out I would be so grateful, I've searched the forums to try not to post an annoying noob thread but none of the issues seemed to really be resolved.

Many thanks.

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