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Solution: Overheat Problems with Acer Laptops with 8xxx Nvidia Cards

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as many of you I own a Aspire 5520G with a 8600M video card and had the "freeze problem". After playing some time the FPS drops to 4-5 times less and a lot of games turn unplayable for some time, then the situation goes better for a while and then bad again. Here's a solution that helped me solve this issue. First of all, a lot of people go like this: "bla bla bla nvidia gave you a crap chip and it's their fault..." The thing is, that's not true. Anyway, here's how it goes:

First of all, shut down your laptop and remove the battery. Afterwards remove the 4 screws of the largest cover on the back of your laptop. When you do this you should remove the cover, but note that you have to pull it a bit hard in order to get it off. Now comes the most important part: unscrew the fan and clean the dust between the fan and the heat sink. Next screw everything back as it was and put in your battery. You're done. I did this and now I'm playing for hours without any problems. The temperatures sank with over 20 degrees in idle and about 15 under load. And to help you a bit I've uploaded the service manual of the 5520G here, it has some nice detailed explanations of all the steps on page 72.

I hope this solves your problems, because I've spend a lot of time searching for solutions of the problem and that's the only thing that really helped.

And one more thing: For any action you take in disassembling your PC you take full responsibility that something may go wrong if you are not carefull. Be aware that opening the laptop might break the void and cancel your warranty. Everything you do is at own risk.


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