293 changes to version 3 of my INF and it's time for a change :) v4 has been made and now needs to be tested by any volunteers that are willing and able. v4 INFs are based on the new 185.xx series INF, these use a new INF scheme, which should make INF modding easier in the future. Spent 2 nights reworking the PCI_ID's to the new style, I'm very confident that Vista/Win 7 x86 and x64 will work as they should. WinXP I'm not so confident on as for some reason nVidia changes the sections that the GPU's are in with Vista versions. These INFs have NO tweaks added to them. For now just interested in getting these to work with all GPU's When installing you will get an error saying NVCPL.DLL can't be found. This is a NVIDIA error and can be ignored, once you reboot after the install all is well. NVIDIA's trying to run an App that only gets installed after the reboot. The INFS are below, consider these beta hence not in the driver posts These are for 185.68, but should work happily for other 185 series drivers as well. Vista/Win 7 x86 Vista/Win7 x64 WinXP x86 WinXP x64 Feedback encouraged, WinXP x86 and x64 may need a little tweaking If you have feedback be it good or bad, please please state what OS version you are using and whether it's x86 or x64, as the iNFs are different internally INF v4.002 fixed: INF v4.003 fixed: WinXP x86 and x64 got some fixes, pretty confident now these should also work now INF v4.004 fixed: Small typo in WinXP x64