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Hi guys. I've always had that Bluescreen problem when I played games using Direct3D since I bought this Notebook. It's a Sony VGN-FS315H. MAFIA by Illusion Softworks for instance would crash after playing for an hour or so. CS:S wouldn't even start. Now after looking around on this great site I found NERD and after having retrieved the SUBSYS ID I downloaded and installed an upgraded driver (77.49). I now can start CS:S but unfortunately it crashed to Bluescreen after having played for roughly 20 minutes or so. This is really frustrating 8-( ... I just don't know what to do anymore. The Bluescreen states that an error occurred in a file called nv4disp.dll (which is the graphics card driver if I'm correct?). Now I would like to check if there's maybe some sort of overheating. I'm going to download GPU-Z and look out for the GPU temperature when it crashes again. What temperature would be critical for this notebook? About 60°C, or even less?

Thanks for any useful advice or suggestion on what else I could do.

EDIT1: Just found out that GPU-Z does not show GPU temperatures. I'll try RivaTuner instead.

EDIT2: RivaTuner shows a temp. of 60°C while in 2D.

Using Furmark in the Stability Test mode I notice graphical errors after ~100sec and Rivatuner says 67°C. There seems to be something really wrong...

When playing Diablo 2 in DirectDraw mode the GPU gets up to 78°C without crashing.

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Put RivaTune hardware monitoring on so you can check the temperature graph after playing. 2D is usually around 60 C but 3D Performance 70 - 90 (preferably not over 85) C. Speedfan is another tool to show a graph, and ATITool too.

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Hi buddy,

When I bought my lappy, and it has an awful go 6150, DV6000 crapy and faulty series. I could not play GP4 or Doom3, crashing and laggy play with stock drivers 98.15.

With such gpu, using drivers from here, dox 182.05 (actual) version I can extract some performance of it, play with acceptable fps, it is stable and god temps 76 C at full load.

You should give a try to the latest drivers. I'm going to test the 185.86 DOX driver sooner.

sorry my bad english I'm brazilian :)

I hope it helps.

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Guest bmaya

Hi and thanks for your answers. After having upgraded to 77.49 I did play CS:S for some while yesterday without a crash. But the Furmark still crashes after running only a few minutes. While playing CS:S the temperature didn't rise above the values when playing Diablo 2. I found that quite strange and turned Speedfan on as well. It showed my CPU temp. to be 63°C. Maybe all this instability problems are caused by something else. I'll have another try and do some more stability tests when I find the time again. I'll also try more current drivers at some point too. I know where to look know.


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