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Atheros modded INF v1.25


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INF version changes


 original release based on other modded INF


 added support for all Atheros Chipsets

 Changed the mode options to just 11a, 11bg or auto, setting should allow for legacy devices and 11n in 40 and 20Mhz modes

 Added manual transmit speeds for 11a, 11g and 11b only needed for legacy routers if ever at all.

 Now supports full 3x3 aerial mode

 Set Receive buffers to max

 Fixed LED's for Gigabyte, hopefully this doesn't break it for other devices, should have a slow blink not connected and a solid LED for connected.

 Added Sleep mode

 Fixed Transmit power


 Removed all legacy commands from INF, these were causing slow surfing

Leaving essential tweaks still adjustable in device properties.

 Set powersave feature to off and also turned off pcieaspm (these can be turned on, but pcieaspm to on.on gives me parity error)


 Removed the Netband settings couldn't get this to work 100%, driver will automatically choose fastest link speed, but can no longer force a slower one


 Added 'Force Wake' enable to stop the WLAN card from going into lower power state mode, this makes a big difference to performance

 Also fixes the slowness this driver had with the Gigabyte WI06N WLAN card.

 Changed the LED to slow flash at no connection, solid during connection, once connected the flashing will speed up with rate of data send/received

remove these 2 lines from INF if this is not what you want and you prefer v1.13 version:

HKR, ,softLEDEnable,0x00002,  "1"
HKR, ,swapDefaultLED,0x00002,  "1"


 Minor LED fix


 Added support for the 928x Chipset


 Reworked the INF completely, added support for the 922X/928X chipsets.


 Fixed 92XX install bug :)


 Added lots more tweakble features in the Device Properties to play with.

 Set Receive buffers to 256


 Fixed Win XP lack of 'Advanced Properties'


 Pre 11n cards no longer can change the speed settings (most were 11n anyway)


 Changed name for AR928x to include AR5009 (half height version) and AR5BH92


 Added Adhoc channel select to the INF, thanks to ElectriX

 Fixed driver install issue


 Added, dynamic MIMO power save and Adhoc 11n settings to control panel.

Atheros Modded INF v1.25

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