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9800m GTX displaying 100 Mhz GPU Core, 200 Mhz GPU Mem, 400 Mhz GPU shdr

Connor MacLeod

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I am using Nvidia System Monitor for the first time and my longstanding doubts about the caliber of my GPU were confirmed today when it showed me these low low ratings.

I'm on Windows 7 (RC 7077) but the sluggishness of my gpu has long been bothering me, for such a supposedly strong card.

100 Mhz GPU Core,

200 Mhz GPU Mem,

400 Mhz GPU shdr

47 C temp.

I try to overclock it with the Control Panel and it goes up to standard levels, but regularly drops on the Monitor.

Especially when I go full screen when streaming HD contents.

Basically, is my 9800m GTX broken? How can I find out if it is?

Clevo M570TU

p9500 2.5 ghz dual core

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naa it aint broken my 8800gtx shows eactly the same. except when playing games or using gpu tasks. If you want proof se riva tuner monitor run a game and look at the graph you'll see the clocks rise and return back down when closed

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Guest The Fluffy Fish

A simple and effective test to see if its broken is to run 3dmark06 and compare it to what is expected, if it is out by over 1000 then something is up, and is most likely due to powermizer.

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Basically you are seeing the effects of powermizer, if the GPU is sluggish in the desktop, change the drivers to ones that don't have the aero lag problem.

If overclocking use RivaTuner, it offers more options and lets you customise the speeds that powermizer downclocks the GPU to.

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Just monitor your clockspeeds on stock clocks one time. The clocks should increase when doing anything graphically stressful. If you OC too far, the card can lock itself into 2D mode until reboot.

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