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Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN


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Hello everyone, I just register myself to put these drivers here, because I found really usefull these page and wanted to contribute somehow. (My english sucks really bad, sorry)

Hardware Description:

Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter

VID & PID Compatibility (Vendor ID and Device ID - Usefull if you dont have your drivers)



Driver Info

File Name: xp3264-v5.1119.0528.2008.zip

Size: 9.59 MB

Version: 5.1119.0528.2008

Release Date: 2008-05-29

WHQL signed

OS Compatibility

Windows 2000

Windows XP (x86 & x64)

Windows Vista (x86 & x64)

Download Link:


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Very good to have you here to contribute to the drivers.

I can't alas get round to them all and am very appreciative to those that can help.

Keep it up and a very good post to boot, your english is just fine :)

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Thankyou mobilenvidia.

I work doing PC and Notebooks service... so I´m surfing searching drivers almost every day. I have quite a collection, but no links for most of them.

But, from now on, if I find something that is not here I´ll post the info.

By the way... It would be nice to make a "WEBCAM" subforum too. I spend more than 8hs today looking for a driver that would work in a generic notebook with a Bison integrated webcam. Acer, Dell, ASUS... none of them worked. At last, I found an MSI compatible one.

Well, it´s just a suggestion to improve a little more the forum.


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Yes, been toying with the idea to setup some more driver sections, NVIDIA is also on the list.

I'm currently away on the road for nearly a week, but when back will do some rearranging

In the meantime, very impressive work, keep it up :)

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hi guys im looking realtek rtl8187b wireless 802.11b/g 54mbps usb 2.0 network adapter driver for window 7 is there anyone who can help me out of this coz i want to install window 7 on my laptop but this window 7 is dont have for rtl 8187b wireless driver........ so pls help me :unsure: :) :) :P :unsure: :w00t: :unsure: :unsure:

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