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nvidia go 7300, on dell inspiron 6400 driver update


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Im using a dell inspiron 6400 with nvidia go 7300, my driver version is 10/4/2007

I havent been able to find anything more up to date than this, maybe im lacking Google skills lol ... but I was thinking how bad can this be updating to the most recent nvidia driver from their website ??

but Id prefer recommended driver more up to date than mine if available

Thank you

***I did download 4 driver pack, from laptop2video and nothing was compatible :S

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Try that.

You should notice some all round performance gains with these.

Thanks mate, it does exactly as you said

Also, I was wondering, when I manage my 3d settings in my nvidia control panel, I want to make it 100% performance only, should I use their premade settings or can custom settings be more performant than nvdivia perfo. settings ???

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anyways I pretty much answered myself, except I get lots of black screen flash, whenever I do specific actions, can this be turned off ???

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Try these individual settings in NV CP for performance:

Anistropic filtering: App Controlled

Gamma Correction: Off

Antialising- Mode: App controlled

Antialising- Transparency: OFF

Conf. text. clamp: Hardware

Err. reporting: off

Ext. limit: off

Force Mipmaps: Off

Max pre rendered frames: 3

Neg LOD bias:Allow

Quality- High Performance

Trilinear Opti.- On

Threaded Optimization: Auto

Triple Buffering: Off

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