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Acer Aspire 4920G and ATI MXM 512MB question

Guest SuperSniper

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Guest SuperSniper

Hi There,

I think I read (here?) that the testers tried ATI and Nvidia MXM cards on the Acer Aspire 4920G and stated failure.

But I saw a youtube video posting from a Taiwanese guy who said that he managed to install an ATI MXM 3650 successfully into his Acer Aspire 4920G, replacing his ATI 2400XT.

Also, 2 sellers from ebay told me that the ATI 3650 MXM works in the Acer Aspire 4920G.

My question is:

1. Can anyone double confirm if the ATI 3650 MXM works in the Acer Aspire 4920G?

2. I'm thinking of buying an ATI 3650 512MB instead of the 256MB as the price difference is just around USD30. How much more performance will this give me? I will be playing some games on the Acer Aspire 4920G 14-inch laptop at medium settings and default resolution (either 1024 or 1280 I think). Will getting a 512MB version "futureproof" my laptop a bit more?

3. Can the Acer Aspire 4920G work with both 256MB and 512MB versions of the ATI MXM 3650?

4. Is it recommended or advisable to flash my Acer Aspire 4920G to the latest BIOS?



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more ram means better for more resourceful capable in texture resolutions. if you have lot of system ram, don't worry about it, vista will manage some for the 256 MB card. if you have lower then 2GB, go for the 512MB one. As in actual performance, should be the same.

Some sources actually found that HD3650 desktop version with 1GB is slower then 512MB, it can't handle that much memory. as for laptop, it is downclocked more, I suspect it will be the same from 512 to 256, this is simply a speculation.

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Guest Guest

Hi,I got my ATI MXM 512MB card with 8 Qimonda Memory chips on it.

I took out the "old chewing gums" on top of the memory chips and the ATI 2400XT on my old card and put the new "chewing gums" on the 8 memory chpips and the ATI 3650 GPU.

I did not see any thermal grease being included with the ATI 3650 card that I bought.

I managed to boot past the BIOS and saw the Windows Vista progress bar.

After which I got a blue screen of death.

What could be the problem here? Is it due to overheating?

Should I buy some thermal grease and put it onto the ATI 3650 GPU before applying the "chewing gum"?

Pls advise.

Thank you.

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SuperSniper, double-check what kind of memory each card uses. Because if the 256MB is GDDR3, while the 512MB is DDR2, for the love of God get the 256MB!!

A 128-bit memory interface won't honestly be able to make good use of 512MB anyway, and the Radeon will thrive with the almost-doubled memory bandwidth.

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Guest Guest

Now I got a MAJOR problem.

The 4920G now refuses to boot with EITHER the ATI 3650 512MB AND the ATI 2400XT!!!!

There's a beeping sound like 3 beeps, the fan spins for a while and dies off.

And that's it! No screen, no fan, no boot-up...not even a BIOS...totally blank display...fan aint running now.

I'm pissed...

WTF went wrong??!!!!

Now Is this a system board failure? a CPU failure?

I checked the seating of the cards. They are way into the gold connector..So it can't be the seating position. Both of them have "chewing gums" pasted on all relevant strategic positions.

If I can't get this resolved, I will have to send the dam thing back to Acer for repair.

Meanwhile, should I send back the 512MB vesion and request for a 256MB version? To be on the safe side? I was thinking if the 512MB version would not work in teh 4920G????

Is there a case in which a 512MB version will refuse to work but a 256MB version will work instead?


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Guest Guest

I just checked.

The vendor has a 256MB DDR3 version and a 512MB DD2 version!!!.......

So which one should I get?

Should I return the 512MB DD2 version, tell the vendor that it doesn't work on my Acer Aspire 4920G and request him to ship me a 256MB DDR3 version instead???

And PLEASE try to help me solve the 3 beep, no fan and totally no boot up with 3 video card crisis!!!!


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Did u read the link i gave u? (Was using the guest account to be quick)

Did u properly earth yourself when you open your laptop? Did you just touch everything with your finger? If u didnt, you might have damaged both card with electrostatic from your finger.

Chewing gum on the memory chip? Was it the blue one? That should NOT be removed at all cost. Only remove the old thermal grease from the cpu and gpu.

You must buy thermal grease by yourself and after applying one on the cpu and the gpu, never open it again or you have to apply the whole process again.

If you get a new gpu, try to follow everything in instruction that I have written.

good luck.

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Guest Guest

Hi, here are my observations.

1. there' s only 1 bright light blue "chewing gum" that I saw.

The blue stuff was on top of a chip next to the Intel CPU. I never touched it or do anything to it. What chip is that anyway?

2. The Intel CPU only has thermal grease on it. It was kind of worn off. I'm not sure if the laptop comes with the thermal grease worn off or did I wear some of it off during the removal of the heat sink...

3. The new ATI 3650 MXM has 8 chips in all, for a total of 512MB, 4 chips underneath the card. So I stick the black "chewing gums" underneath the card as well. That should be the correct way right? Putting "chewing gums" on all 8 memory chips.

4. As for the ATI Radeon GPU, do I put on the thermal grease first, and then stick on a black "chewing gum", or do I put on the black "chewing gum" on the GPU first, and then the thermal grease?

Pls advise.


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1. Thats good

2. The thermal grease will always worn off everytime u took off the heat sink. Thats why you have to apply a new one everytime you remove the heatsink.

3. Black chewing gum? As far as I know, I never remove anything that resemble chewing gum or add anything. Thermal grease from Acer only look something that resemble dried liquid paper. I only insert the new card just like i would insert the old one without any addition except for the thermal grease.

4. Maybe you should try wih the DDR3 since its 10% faster than the DDR2 regardless of memory and that is what Im using. But if you are trying to follow the cooling guide that was posted somewhere which include putting a new piece of aluminum paper( if im not mistaken) then I cant help you more than that.

Good luck!

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Guest freedom2005sg

Hi, they have repaired my laptop and replaced the motherboard and the video card.

But they replaced my 2400XT with a X2500!...

So before I replace the X2500 with a 3650 256MB DDR3..

1. do i need to Flash my BIOS. (hopefully I dont have to, but if yes, how do I do it...)

2. and where do I download the 3650 drivers?

Pls advise.


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Guest Guest

Hi, thanks a lot!

It takes me some time to do the ATI mod thing.

But it works great now! My acer is now running an ATI 3650 now...3dmark05 hovers at around 8000+!!! More than enough to run L4d and guild wars!

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