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How to apply thermal paste to my 7900 Go GS?


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This my first post here, though I've read this forum in the past for information regarding overclocking my GPU (now at 570/600 with 1.24v :-D ).

I've always been a little concerned about my temperatures though. My card idles in the high 50's and peaks in the low-mid 80s, which is a teeny bit more than I'm comfortable with. I cracked open the service manual for info on dismantling my laptop, but it clearly states not to remove the heatpipe attachment, and I don't want to spend two hours dismantling it and putting it back together just to look at how it's put together. Does anybody have any experience with removing the heatpipe/cooler and any info on the proper way to apply thermal paste? I'd love to bring it down into the 70's if at all possible.

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My 7900GS is OC'd at 600,600 1.24v, with the same temps as yours, I have thermal pasted both the CPU and GPU, and they do seem to run a tad lower, but no major gain. The GPU has 4 tork screws across the top, you undo them, and prise it apart. Then remove the thin thermal pads, clean them off with alcohol, and paste with artic silver 5. The thick pads are a bit too thick to use the silver on, so I left them, but see what you think when you crack it open.

There as a thread on this forum about it somewhere... I will link it if I find it

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