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BIOS Problem


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Hi, i have an ACER Extensa 4420 laptop. Original BIOS V1.17

Recently i opened by mistake a file (virus) that burned my BIOS and prevented my laptop from booting with any os or internal/external source. I tried to boot with an old win 98 CD and downloaded with another lap the BIOS files V1.18from the Acer website (ABVXD.VDX - FLASH.SYS - OTA118.exe) , but I can not use it in DOS mode. So I managed to get an usb pen drive with portable XP os, but now the problem is that the executable file (OTA118.exe) says that there is not enough battery or external power to continue. How can I burn the BIOS??

Please help me!!!


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thread closed, dont make duplicate threads to get more attention.

further discussions will continue in the other thread.

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