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Amilo Pi1536 and upgrade ATI and RAM & Bios


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Hi to everyone! :)

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi1536 with ATI X1400 2GB Ram (kingston Hyperx 1x2GB)

Fujitsu BIOS 1.25

I bought a new ATI video card: HD 3650 512 Mb + other 1x2GB HyperX RAM

I wanted to install the video card but the screen is grey (not blank) and then it shuts down.

I wanted to install the second 2GB RAM but the laptop beeped and shut down.

I heard about alienware bios that could help me to make work the new ATI card, but i want to be sure about it.

Is it true that my pi1536 is compatible with Alienware Bios m5550 ?

If yes, wich bios do i need to male work ATI HD 3650 512 Mb ?

(a friend of mine has installed an ATI HD 3650 256Mb without flashing the original Bios), but as i told, i have bought the 512 Mb

Wich alienware bios is ALSO compatible for 4 GB Ram ? (2x2GB)

At the end, if there is no Alienware Bios that could support both (new ATI HD 3650 512 MB + 4 GB RAM), what is preferred to install to make work fine X3 Terran Conflict game on my Laptop? Should i preferre the Grafic Card or the RAMs ?

That question is in case there are more bios available and maybe one works only to make work the grafic card and another bios works for RAM.

Pls.... help me!

I made a big wrong thing... i bought the ATI card without considering that the 512 Mb version could not work as the 256Mb version... and now i'd lik to not loos the money i spend.

(sorry for my english, hope you understood what i have written).

Thanks in advance!


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i installed the alienware 2.07w m5550 and now i have 4 GB RAM, but i still have problems with my ATI HD 3650.

I checked it and i have not a 512MB but i have a 256MB ATI card... so why does it works for everyone and for me not? :)

pls some Help!


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hey can some one post the link for the 2.07w alienware bios? cheers

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Here it goes:


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