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Latest Sigmatel / IDT Modded Drivers for Win 7 and Vista


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v1.007 uploaded (INI only) see first post.

Much happier with this INI, lots more to play with.

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Doesnt work on HP Pavilion dv5, though it has IDT codec on board and menu looks(exept this all new features you ve got) the same. Also Sensor Mute Button works incorrect now(no difference in color if it muted or not) :)

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Headphones are still quite (i cant enable redirected headphone)

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Guest Skidweed

Is there any 5.1 channel support? When i try to configure my hdmi output on my dell m1330 laptop the only choice is stereo....I am using the latest configuration file.

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I've now got to figure out how to rearrange the Jacks so you guys can also work the features that I have enabled.

In Playback - Setup do you have a pulldown Menu with Stereo, 3.1, Quadro, 5.1, 7.1 ? or is the only option Stereo ?

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Guest Skidweed

Well theres that dropdown menu but its only for the internal speakers...which dont actually work...but even when i pick 5.1ch it automatically switches back to setero...thats irrelevant though cause im really just trying to configure the hdmi out which i do get audio from its just in stereo...I was talking about the configuration button when you click on the playback device that only offers stereo

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did u get my pm?

drivers still don't install properly on 64bit windows 7100

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Hi wonderful work indeed...

Help me with tihis hardware:

Notebook : Dell M6300

Audio Card: SigmaTel STAC9205X @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller [b-0] PCI

Vendor and device id:



Tested on:

Windows XP 32bit, Windows Vista 64Bit, Windows 7 32bit build 7100, Windows 7 64bit build 7100

Working: Mic Recording, HeadPhone Output

Not Working: Speaker Output

Can you help me?


Thanks for your job

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Hi Guys...I have a Dell E1705/9400 Laptop. I've been using an old XP driver which I got from the Dell site. The Control panel isn't feature packed like this particular release...BUT, the subwoofer slider is enabled and it works fine. Somehow the sound without the subwoofer is pretty bad...I like it turned on, and in none of the new releases it works (new XP,vista and Win7 drivers). This XP driver works cool..with XP, VISTA and Win7(I've personally tried it on all). My Laptop has Windows 7 RC Build 7100 installed on it now and it works fine. I'm right now at my office PC, so don't have much details abt the driver at the moment. But,I cant post it here if somebody wants it.

Cheers!! :)

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I've been using "Version 6.10.6162.3" with its original inf. The sound seems to be clearer but as soon as I turn SRS on, the whole sound is distorted.

When I try to use a headset the mic jack works fine but the speaker jack doesn't work at all.

Additionally, the subwoofer doesn't work (or at least it seems like that).

I'm on an Inspiron 9400.

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I shouldn't really waste thread space with this but here's another vote for an XP version.

I was :) to see these on the front page, as there's never any news of Sigmatel drivers, but my glee was shortlived when I saw that they weren't yet available for XP.

It seems that the XP drivers haven't been updated in a couple of years. :)



...on Intel audio controller embedded with the 82801H chipset ( ICH8 chipset )

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Guest Guest

I have an Inspiron 1720 on Vista Home Premium with audio device:


All .ini versions were able to install without any errors during installation but their effects were different

I've tried WRT 1.001 and WRT 1.002 and they both installed fine but neither produced sound in the internal speakers or headphones, the built in mic and the mic on my headset wouldn't recieve sound either.

WRT 1.004 and 1.005 gave me code 10 errors where the device could not start

WRT 1.006 produces sound on speakers and headphone when plugged in but neither built in mic or plug-in mic work - am currently using this atm, the sound quality's better than the stock drivers :)

WRT 1.007 and 1.008 gave code 10 errors again :S

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I have a HP Dv5-1040et on Vista Home Premium 32-bit and Seven Built-7100 64-bit.


All .ini version were installed without any mistakes both on vista and seven.But the sound device has never started working properly.

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I regret to report I still get a code 10 with WRT 1.008

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Guest Brent

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vista 32. I presume it is similar to the 1720 but with a different size screen. My hardware id of the SigmaTel card is similar to the 1720's one too:


Later I will get a chance to test the 1.006 ini to see if I have similar results. Does the mod give any virtual surround options. The better sound that I am reading about that comes about by using this driver sounds awesome, but some "surround" options would be totally amazing.

BTW, I love how this forum allows guests to post. Saved me alot of trouble :)

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Added driver v20001

Updated to INF 1.003

Updated to INI 1.010

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The installer says the modded Version 6.10.20001.0 is not compatible anymore with my XPS M1530.



Version 6.10.6162.3 works very well

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Guest Lum-X

still no sound from internal speakers but from headphone jack i have and i sounds great compared to gateway stock drivers.

I have gateway fx-6860.

If i need to post device ID i will do so, I am ready for support if it is needed to make these drivers work properly.

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