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Latest Sigmatel / IDT drivers


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v10.6325.0 DriverVer=01/27/2011,6.10.6325.0 Vista/Win7/XP x32/x64 - HP

v10.0.6324 DriverVer=01/25/2011, Vista/Win7/XP x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6320 DriverVer=01/06/2011, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6316 DriverVer=12/07/2010, Vista/Win7/XP x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6296 DriverVer=08/05/2010, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.6224.7 DriverVer=07/12/2010,6.10.6224.7 Vista/Win7/XP x32/x64 - Intel

v10.6289.0 DriverVer=06/17/2010,6.10.6289.0 Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - HP/Compaq

v5.0.6281 DriverVer=04/20/2010, Windows XP x32/x64 Dell

v10.0.6277 DriverVer=04/07/2010, Vista/Win7 and WinXP/x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6276 DriverVer=03/23/2010,6.10.6276.0 Vista/Win7 /x32/x64 - MSUpdate

v10.0.6274 DriverVer=03/09/2010, Vista/Win7 x64 - MSUpdate

v10.0.6272 DriverVer=02/26/2010, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6269 DriverVer=02/01/2010,6.10.6269.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64 - HP/Compaq

v10.0.6267 DriverVer=01/21/2010, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6263 DriverVer=12/15/2009,6.10.6263.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64 - HP

v10.0.6261 DriverVer=12/03/2009, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6259 DriverVer=11/27/2009, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6255 DriverVer=11/06/2009, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6242 DriverVer=09/21/2009,6.10.6242.0 Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - MSUpdate

v10.0.6241 DriverVer=09/16/2009, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell/Alienware

v10.0.6233 DriverVer=08/26/2009, Vista/Win7 x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6232 DriverVer=08/19/2009,6.10.6232.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64 - HP/Compaq

v10.0.6230 DriverVer=08/13/2009,6.10.6230.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64 - HP/Compaq

v10.0.6227 DriverVer=07/31/2009, Vista/Win7/ x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6225 DriverVer=07/21/2009,6.10.6225.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64

v10.0.6224 DriverVer=07/16/2009, Vista/Win7/ x32/x64 - Dell

v10.0.6217 DriverVer=06/29/2009, Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64

v10.0.6209 DriverVer=06/03/2009,6.10.6209.0 Vista/Win7/WinXP x32/x64

v10.0.6195 DriverVer=04/29/2009, Vista x32/x64

v10.0.6187 DriverVer=04/09/2009, Vista x32/x64

v10.20001.0 DriverVer=03/12/2009, Vista and WinXP x32/x64

v10.6162.3 DriverVer=03/06/2009, Vista x32/x64

v10.6162.0 DriverVer=03/02/2009,6.10.6162.0 Vista and WinXP x32/x64

v10.6159.0 DriverVer=02/23/2009, Vista x32/x64

Latest Sigmatel/IDT Audio drivers unmodified, as they were found.

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did see closing thread thing will go there.

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This device cannot start. (Code 10)

Dell Inspiron 1520/ WinXPSP3 :) , any solution?

Sounds like your exact setup is not supported,you will need the modded one

Added v20001.0

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Added 6187

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Neither of the two WinXP listed downloads are accepted for installation by my machine, complaining that the hardware is not supported:-


The modded versions of which (in the other thread) are only listed as Vista/Windows 7 compatible, and complain thus when rejecting installation.

I am still without a modern incarnation of the Sigmatel/IDT driver for WinXP. Fu¢k them, and their slack-arsed OEM partners. :)

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I'll get round to it as soon as I get Vista working properly :)

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Thanks man.

I hope you succeed, but I realise you can only do what you can do.

I'm guessing you realise I wasn't whining at you. I'm just wondering why Realtek and C-Media and others can supply drivers and yet, Sigmatel (whose chips are in most MP3 players) do not.

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There are a gaziliion IDT/ST drivers out there when you look closely.

The issue is each driver is OEM make/Model specific.

The smallest change to the INI and the driver won't start or install.

nVidia's unified drivers are a breeze compared to IDT :)

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Has anyone been able to get the latest driver to install successfully on WinXP?

I have a Dell XPS 1730 running XP SP3.

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Guest Guest

Hmm I've got a Inspiron 9400/e1705 and runing setup with the unmodified drivers gives me a "hardware not supported" in vista32? Thought this was specifically for this laptop? Guess I'll try the modded ones..

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Yet another false hope.

It's back to Michael's 5.10.5790.3 for me. Either that, or x.xx.5515.x from DELL; my only two choices. ###### you, Dell + Sigmatel :)

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Fit Perfectly without any problem(exept SRS function - its gone now)

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Yupp, updated yesterday through Windows Update. Finally the HDMI audio is back, a few more options (though "monitoring" is named as **IDS_IM_ENABLE_W7) and even an ability to control Bluetooth audio volume. Nice :]

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Updated and now can't select headphones as default playback option, only headphones and speakers. Unfortunately this means that I get a 'tunnel' effect due, I think, to some high pass filter on speaker output or something?

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Guest romuse

Hello everyone...been reading true different posts on the forum and I have to say Im lost

my system is as follow

DELL Inspiron 1720

Windows Vista 32 bit

Audio: SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio

SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC Manufacturer SigmaTel PNP Device ID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_76A0&SUBSYS_102801F2&REV_1002\4&23AD9263&0

what should I do to install the latest IDT drivers?

any modifications to do

If you can help me with step by step instructions I will be really gratefull

thanks a million

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Note:, A11



Latitude E4200
Latitude E4300
Latitude E5400
Latitude E5500
Latitude E6400
Latitude E6400 ATG
Latitude E6400 XFR
Latitude E6500
Latitude XT2
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M2400
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4400
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6400

Fixes and enhancements

Adds support for Dell Update Package on Win 7
Addresses issue where there was no sound after wake up from S3 when playing DVD movie 

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getting a file not found 404 error

The same for me diferrent browsers one error 404

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