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Can anybody recommend me drivers for my GeForce FX 5600go?

Guest yogaman

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Guest yogaman

Hello guys,

I'm pretty a newbie to all of this...

I've got a Toshiba satellite 5200-802

Geforce FX 5600go 64mb

I heard that there are many problems with Toshiba models (like sleep mode or gfx errors... etc.)

I wanted to know if there are people around here with Toshibas and same or similar models and the same gpu. I would love to fiddle around my laptop to increase performance but I'd like to know which would be the most "secure" driver to start with..

thanks for your help

yoga out

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We bend over backwards ( :) ) to help.

Try either Teraphy's or my modded INFs, the instructions on how to install them are also there.

53.03 seems to be a good place to start.

Seeing you have a Toshiba, your biggest problem might be getting to the maximum resolution.

You won't know this until you try, there is no cure for this problem yet.

If you do have resolution problems, go back down to the 4x.xx drivers and try again.

Hope this helps and enjoy,


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Guest yogaman

hi, I've done what pieter said... anyway, I started with the 46.68 - they "stable one" .... it worked without problems

then as newbie to this I tried the recommended 53.03 (modded by this star.) and with pieters inf for toshiba - worked and is still:

No flickering, no black bars, very stable - noticable boost in performance - and although I have a toshiba and many here are bashing toshiba it somehow works for me..... although I have to admit that I only use standard resolution at 1024x768 - ....

And again, thx pieter for your great job - maybe I'll go on trying newer drivers - maybe you could recommend me another one!!!!

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Have a look in the FAQ section for more info.

In there I've made post on whats I think is best, find it here



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