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Stutter in web browsing (scrolling) in all drivers past 176.15


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As the title states, I am having stuttering problems with all video drivers past 176.15. I have tried many things to alleviate problem, but have been unsuccessful so far.

What I have tried

I have tried the reg hack for disabling Powermizer when plugged in. Unfortunately the registry information I needed to change was not listed. :/

Edit: Found where the entries were with "find". Testing now...

Edit#2: The latest drivers do not have the registry values to change. Two versions back did and it seemed to fix the problem. Anyone have any idea what they were changed to in the newest drivers?

I have tried every driver past 176.15 (All of them have stuttering issues while web browsing)

The notebook I am using is a Gateway P-7811 FX.

The specs are as follows:

* Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400

* NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS with 512MB of GDDR3

* Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit) SP1

* 4GB (4096MB) DDR3 800MHz Dual Channel Memory

* 200GB 7200rpm Serial ATA hard drive w/ 16MB Cache

I'd greatly appreciate any help. I really don't want to use drivers from July of 2008.

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You don't say which browser(s).

Is it only with that?

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Sorry, forgot to say. D: All browsers had the issue with the stuttering. Currently running 185.66 with the powermizer registry modification.

Stutter is gone but temps have gone up about 5c. 49c now being the average temp while not running anything but firefox. Stability wise, I have yet to run into any issues. I wish there was a non reg edit fix for this that did not require sacrificing cooler temperatures. If anyone has found such fix I would love to hear it.

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