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8600M GS temperature an overclock


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hello i have one 8600M GS on acer aspire 5920g,I would want overclock my card but the temperature without overclock is in desktop mode up to 56-58° and in Games mode up to 80-90° C.

it can be a powder problem? or is normal???

the clock of my card in game is 450 core 900 shader 400 memory, but to nvidia official site the default clock are 600/1200/800.

I can raise the frequencies without to risk?

i use 179.40 driver.

Sorry for my bad English.

I hope you can help me

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Guest Dante

That's a bit high if u ask me. I managed to overclock mine to 702/920/1750 and the higher temperatures that it gets while playing are about 80-85 c.

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Have you tried cleaning coolers? I have a pretty similar notebook and the cooling system gets dirty and inefficient pretty quickly - I have to clean it at least every 2 months. Temperature drops are quite significant - usually about 10-20 degrees Celsius. You can do it either manually by partially disassembling your computer or use compressed air, which you can buy in most computer shops.

Good luck

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Can make overclock with my driver???(179.40)

and which are the best ones driver for 8600M GS??

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