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ati mobility 3870 of alienware m17 works very very good in an alienware m5550 and m5759 :)

Guest phil

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where did you get the 3870?


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Guest Gary

GPU-Z screenshot or didn't happen :)

Can you write a review? This is really interesting because AW m5750 = FS Xi 1546. Where did you get your 3870? We have no secrets here. It is time to upgrade my Xi 1546 but HD3650 is not first choise any more :)

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CrossFire ? the 3870 consumes 50watt in a single chip, I can't imagine how much power the X2 version would require.

I don't know about the HD 3870, but the X2 .... no way

M9750 or M5750/M5790/M5550 ?

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Guest Guest

this card my cousin bring to me from US , i don't know in what assistance shoop he by this... i don't remember how much it cost's i think around 250 us dollars

here is a gpu-z


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I have a 512MB HD3870 in my hands right now as well as a 512MB HD3650 both from different sellers pulled from different machines, an HP and an OCZ and NEITHER will work with my m5750 ever after the 1.19w bios update. If you really got this to work in your m5750 whats is the memory configuration & bios revision needed to run the card?

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It pains me to do this as I have the same card and was hoping to get it in my m5750 as well but I have to call this guy out.

-Take a look at his GPU-Z screen. He intentionally edited the screen so that it did not show the surrounding border because in vista it is translucent as well as the bottom where it says "crossfire" because we all know the m5750 cant do crossfire b/c of the lack of a 2nd card slot and if his gpu-z screen showed it was "enabled" then we'd all know he was lying.

-Also look at the name of the jpeg itself "mobility_3870_alienware_m17" hmm, the m17 part seems odd.

-But lastly the proof I needed, take a look at the "full" version of the GPU-Z screen that someone took from their actual m17. All the numbers match to his.


Sad news for me but i'd rather know now instead of trying to contact him for a solution. And please don't go back again trying to do a 2nd photoshop edit copy/pasting from another gpu-z screen splicing it into yours making it look more legit, trying to redeem yourself.

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