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v185.85 Windows XP 32bit | NVIDIA Notebook OEM

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Guest Semag


So :

With the modded inf, the install was OK.


Problem : My screen turned 4bit-colored and 640x480 AND no possibility to tweak the settings ! Grrrr....

Reboot, praying to God.

Again old-school resolution, but this time I CAN SET MY SCREEN BACK TO 1440x900 with 32bit-color !

Hallellujah !

Haven't tested it on Fallout 3 yet, BRB after killing some Ghouls !

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Guest acer_ger

This driver version always switchs to clonemode (using the high samsung res. on the laptop) if I want to use my external samsung screen via hdmi....the notebookscreen wont turn "black".

[acer 5920g, 8600mgt, samsung 2343bw]

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my video card is a 8600M GT.

i'm getting the same problem with a forced 640x480 res and 4-bit color scheme. Difference is, I can never change it. Not after reboots.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

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