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Hp Pavilion G60-125NR Official Thread


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HP Pavilion G60-125NR






Tweaks so far:**


Stock: 3Gb (1024mB & 2048mB)

Custom: 6Gb (4096mB & 2048mB)


Stock: Vista 32-Bit

Custom: Vista 64-Bit

Tools Used:

Nvidia Tuner : Used to Overclock GPA( Core : Default 400 MhZ ), Can be overclocked to 500 MhZ Recommened : 450-475 MhZ( MAX )

PC Wizard 2008 : Used to Check all temperature's of Cpu, Core 1, Core 2, ACPI, And GPU. Also When minimized leaves a nice display of all that, and CPU Usage.

Cpu-Z : Same utility as Gpu-Z but, this check's the Proccessor, and core.

NvTweak : A very handy tray tool, also has some extra features that can allow our graphics card to do more !

Misc. :

Guide to Dual-Booting Windows XP & Vista, can be found Here.

* Thank's to Pc Wizard '08/'09

** Notice how i did barely anything so far

Still under construction: Mod's please move to member's utilities/projects, going to make custom inf's soon enough!

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