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I've been trying to find out if my laptop (FS Amilo M 1450G) is mxm-compatible,although I am pretty sure it is,as all the other models in the M series do,but still,I really don't want to spend he money without knowing if it will work or not,

So I am glad to announce that I will be able to provide an indefinite answer to whether it is mxm compatible or not,tonight!


It contains the intel 915gm/gms,910gml express chipset

so if anybody could confirm it's mxm capability before I am reduced to taking i apart then that would be awesome!

Cheers and greets from Ireland,


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i looked your chipset up on the Intel website, and it supports the PCIe bus.

so i think it should be mxm.

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Although I can't put up pictures,I can officially confirm that the amilo m 1450g IS MXM COMPATIBLE!!!WAHEY!!!

How does one verify whether it is type one,type two,or type three mxm?

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check MXM-Upgrade.com for more info.

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