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Windows 7 Expiration Date Reminder


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Thanks again for your help in testing the Windows 7 Beta.

We?re sending this mail to remind you that Windows 7 Release candidate is available and to make sure you plan ahead for when the Beta expires on August 1, 2009. On June 1, 2009, the PC you?re using to test the Beta will begin shutting down every two hours. Windows will send you a notice a couple of weeks in advance, and that?d be the ideal time to rebuild your test PC with a non-expired version of Windows, such as the RC or Windows Vista. This will be a clean installation, so be ready to reinstall your programs and data. (Learn more about installing Windows.)

So, if you haven?t already done so, we highly recommend that you download and install the RC from one of the following sites today:

- Developers

- IT Pros/Microsoft Partners

- Tech Enthusiasts/Consumers

IMPORTANT: If you are running Windows 7 Beta you?ll need to back up your data (preferably on an external device) and then do a clean install of the Windows 7 Release Candidate. After installing Windows 7, you will need to reinstall applications and restore your files. If you need help with the installation process, please see the Installation Instructions.

If you have questions or need help installing the RC, you can get help with your Windows 7 questions at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...tegory/w7itpro/

There?s another expiration date you need to keep in mind: Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1, 2010, and you?ll need to either upgrade to the final release of Windows 7 or a prior version of Windows before then. (We?ll send you another reminder as this date approaches.)

Thanks again for your interest in Windows 7 and for your help in finishing this product!

Got 2 emails last night from Microsoft regarding the BETA version of Windows 7.

I take it 2nd email was to clarify the actual dates of expiration, as non US residents may have gotten confused.

Anywho not sure if Build 7100 is the only Release candidate version you need to be on after next week or face 2 hourly reboots.

There were a few attempts in the latter 70xx builds at a RC.

But I would recommend you get build 7100 or face the above consequences.

I'm quite impressed how MS handle the release of this new OS by giving everyone ago first before buying it.

Lets hope they keep the price reasonable when it is released.

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Yeah, I got it too, but have the RC build installed. So it's a bit confusing. Why get the message if Beta is not installed on your machine? Could it be that I used a Beta key, instead of RC key, or something else?

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You used a MS login to originally get the BETA or Pre-Beta builds ?

If yes then you would get the email, anyone torrenting or otherwise the Beta builds will obviously not be getting an email

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Guest A-Vu
The RC will expire June 1, 2010, and the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1, 2010. In both cases, you?ll need to rebuild your test PC to replace the OS and reinstall all your programs and data.

Well here it is in 2010 not in 2009...

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Guest Guest

That's the RC, which will start the same thing.

MS is trying to tell you that if you're on BETA, starting June 1st, 2009 your computer will start shutting down every 2 hours and you should re-install another OS or W7 RC.

Additionally, they are telling you that you will be able to use the RC build for a year before it start doing the 2 hour shut down in June of 2010.

This is imho very courteous of MS. They are essentially giving anyone the opportunity to use W7 for a year free even with the final version shipping this Oct.

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