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Master|Slave SLI configuration


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Good day.

I got a question about SLI mod. Is there any possibility to find out which card in SLI is a master and which is a slave one? Problem connected with x305-706 laptop. Here is and information about it:


The main purpose of modifing bios was getting sli to work.

When i've received X300 it was extremely slow... only 5200pt in 3dm06 - which is slower than 9600M GT GDDR3 . I was wondering why... After some research i saw that second 9800M GTS is not working!!! The first 9800M GTS was working in SLI with... yeah 9400M . I still don't know how it is possible. A three weeks ago my friend also bought that notebook and now i'm working with him to get this SLI run extremely fast, like it should be.

New bios is working fine, but sometimes it hangs the os. Propably it is a problem with nvidia driver which thinks that the first device is 9400M. Hmm, we are still working on it.


Sound amazing… but this guy managed to score 15000+ points in 3dmark 2006! Since guys even with x9300 CPU managed to score only 12k… it seems like SLI just do not work properly.

Is there any way to check it and/or fix it?

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i personally think he is full of sh*t. if you read all of his post the way he says he does modify the bios IS NOT POSSIBLE. i tried to pump him for info there, and got nothing. personally i think he just did a bios overclock on the 9800m's, and maybe the CPU. this is a very achievable score with a little creative overclocking, but just not possible the way he said he achieved it. as for this system using the SLI, just enbable the graph in the nvidia controll panel and play a game, you can see that sli is being used. i am playing with the phoenix bios editor to see if i can recreate the results he got, but so far dont see it. good luck, have fun, and BE SAFE. messing with bios is a bit risky.

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