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Which RAM is Better ?


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I would like to know which RAM is better ......either of Hp or of Transcend....

I want to know this as Transcend is much cheaper than Hp.

So is there any performance difference ?

I am confused.....

I have to ask this as this will affect my GPU and whole UNIT.....

I have a GeForce Go 7600 256MB RAM installed on NB Hp Pavilion Dv9222tx.

Thanks and please suggest your ideas.

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are they both the same Mhz (ex. 667, 800?) as well as the same Cas Latency? these make a difference in performance... and would affect price too. please give specs on both brands of RAM you are looking at as it will obviously help. if they are exactly the same, i dont know if one brand compared to another will give you more performance, although a more well known brand may give you more reliability (less prone to being faulty or breaking).

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Generally RAM from HP, Dell and Apple are overpriced compared to other manufacturers such as Kingston, Corsair, Twinmos etc. HP, Dell and Apple RAM usually are inferior or on par with other manufacturers.

Make sure that you don't buy RAM that is faster than your laptops capability (e.g. 800MHz RAM for a motherboard that operates at 667MHz), because it just gets downclocked. As a general rule: Latency gets higher as RAM clocks increase.

If your buying make sure that you buy the highest MHz RAM that you computer can run at.

Reason being that if you buy RAM that is faster, you will pay more and end up with more latency for the same speed.

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Thank you both of you.

Here I would like to inform you that my RAM has below spec : Two Modules - 512+512 = 1GB

Memory (DIMM) : 512MB, 667MHz, 200-pin, PC2-5300, SDRAM Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SODIMM)

Also the reason I want to upgrade is :

"GTAIV" as though I have free GPU RAM -230/256-when I switch to 1440x900 or 1280x720 or even 1024x768 the game loses the performance and FPS reduces drastically.

Aslo please tell me about "Is there something special about these manufacturer ? that their RAM are priced like Double the others....."

Coz I have not seen any difference ......all came from same region - with the difference in the Lable you know....

I appreciate your advise and once again thank you.

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