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Atheros Client Utility for XP


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Here it is, the atheros client utility in which I think, is the latest release (difficult to say, as it isn't published on official site).

Atheros Client Utility for XP

You can always check the latest version in Toshiba's support site by choosing:

"Notebook" > "Toshiba" > "Toshiba NB series" > "Toshiba NB200" > "Windows XP"

Here's a screenshot in my aspire one xD:


I have to say I find it quite better than windows default client, so give it a try xD

Enjoy it!

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Guest Guest


i've tried this utility but when i do a scan nothing is pick up.

is this verson for Toshiba laptop only????

im using it on a epos system with atheros ar5008

is this the right utility for this card????


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Guest Guest_bigO_*

i have just started testing this CLIENT UTILITY on my NON TOSHIBA laptop which has been upgraded from the atheros 5007eg to the 5008 (i think the 5008 is an OEM DELL?? part purchased from EBAY.)

i have noticed that the 5008 isn't controlled by my laptop's WIFI ON/OFF button, and the led just blinks at a constant pace reguardless of actual wifi activity, but by using the laptop's ON SCREEN DISPLAY software the OSD software reports the wifi has been disabled when in reality it remains active.

i can turn off the WIFI using either this ATHEROS CLIENT or WINDOWS (depending on which is set to control WIFI); so now i'm gonna play with some reg edits i saw on another thread about changes made to the registry when replacing an INTEL 495?? with an ATHEROS 5007 EG.

**when doing a scan with the atheros utility, you are asking the utility to poll the WIFI card and search or scan for 802.11 signals that are within range. so if you are not seeing the router or access point you normally use then i would suggest the following.

1. install the ATHEROS CLIENT UTILITY, and when it runs the first time you will notice a new SIGNAL METER in the SYSTEM TRAY (by the clock and volume icon)... right click on it and then choose OPEN ATHEROS CLIENT UTILITY.

2. when the client utility opens it displays a pop-up window.... in this window choose ATHEROS CLIENT UTILITY and click OK.... next click on the DIAGNOSTICS tab.

3. Click on the ADAPTER INFORMATION button and a new window will appear with info about the ATHEROS WIFI CARD if it is detected. this info will include CARD NAME (model), MAC address, and driver version.

if you don't have a card name or mac address displayed then there are a few things to check, but if the ATHEROS software can't see the ATHEROS hardware then the software might have a problem running on your make and model of laptop (i'm assuming the card works when windows is controlling the WIFI since you didn't state that you could not get the card to work at all. the most likely cause of the software not working on your hardware is likely to be registry settings that would have to be changed so the software is seeing the correct information which is usually installed by the DRIVER INSTALLATION SOFTWARE (which is an entirely different piece of software that MUST be installed before the client software will work).

start with the WIFI enable/disable button, press it ONCE and note the status displayed by your laptop's on-screen display. now try to scan again.

if you still don't have any available networks showing up then right click on the atheros icon and this time choose WINDOWS as the CLIENT and go back to the DIAGNOSTICS tab and click on the ADAPTER INFORMATION button. if you still have NO information under CARD NAME or MAC ADDRESS, then the software isn't finding the correct information in the system registry. If your AR5008 card works currently and you are ONLY having problems using the ATHEROS CLIENT SOFTWARE then the problem is likely due to the device driver being written for a different system manufaturer.

If you can not get the AR5008 to work at all then you could have what is refered to as a LOCKED BIOS, which is basically your laptop manufacturer requiring your system to have a specific HARDWARE ID (programmed into the adapter by the manufacturer) that MUST match the hardware ID that the laptop manufacturer programmed into their BIOS. the only other reason i can see that would prevent the WIFI adapter from working would be if it were not installed correctly, such as if it were not fully inserted into the slot or if the antennas were not attached or maybe attached incorrectly.

i installed a 3rd antenna in an UN-SHIELDED section of the laptop, and have been able to switch back and forth from the ATHEROS to WINDOWS clients without rebooting. so this ATHEROS CLIENT UTILITY works fine with the adapter i bought, but depending on who the adapter was manufactured for it may or may not be compatible with your laptop's BIOS. the most important thing is to use a driver written for/by the vendor that your adapter was intended for use with. the next step after that would be to update your laptop's BIOS in hopes that the HARDWARE ID for your AR5008 has been added to the supported hardware if your PC has a LOCKED BIOS (but if your card works without the ATHEROS CLIENT UTILITY then that is not the problem)

hopefully that helps

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This program won't install on my PC... It gives error during install then after the install I can't open it at all it just gives error :sad:

I'm running XP sp3 (and 7 Ultimate on other hard drive)

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Guest Felipe Fox

Thanks for publishing this utility, I had some problems with the windows wireless configs.

I installed in the Acer AOA110 netbook with Atheros AR5007EG, the software works fine.

Well, my english isn't good, but i hope you will understand.

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To use with a laptop other than Atheros extract files... then extract with the toshiba self extraction thing again (changing the save location and unticking the top two boxes) and then go into the folder called 'XpUtl' and run setup.

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