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Best Mobile Performance Driver with 7950GTX?


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Hello nVision members and devs,

I have an 1710 with 7950GTX mobile card with 512mb ram.

I got som issues with performance in games like GTA IV, i get under 16fps.

Other games runs well, but i would like to find the best driver to get the best performance.

I searched the forum, but i only found older outdated topics (yeah it's also a old card too, but it still running with great power), so maybe some 7950 users found newer and better drivers for their machines.

I only tried the original 160.xx.xx driver from the birth of the laptop, and now i want to try different drivers

Right now i'am using dox 181.22 dox optimized, but it didn't get me the expected performance in GTA IV and also i get som issues with blurring aero like the guy with XPS 1710 in the 181.22 dox driver thread.

I read a lot about different drivers, and lot about the performance "wooow" bost, but many people get different performance. So I'am pretty confused, somebody get 2500 more points with a older original driver than newer dox optimzed driver, and so on - somebody with better performance with the dox. Yeah I think it is different laptops, configurations and installed programs so now i am, and WIL searc after the right driver for my 7950 card.

I prepared myself with 3dmark06, fangui, patience and a lot of time to test the best driver. I just don't want to test drivers from 170-186, so shoot me with the driver you think will give the best performance.

It's damm frustrating when i see a 8600GT 256mb machine play GTAIV on medium medium res with 28-30fps average, when my 7950 get pwned even on lowest res and setting. Not playable. And much more the waste of 49$ (also - insteed of buying the game to my 360). In ALL other games i run better with the 7950 card.

Hope you guys can help me, good weekend.

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So for tonight, the dox driver 181.22 performancec gave me 5400points, time to try the stock one and the newest dox driver. I post the following results when i install other drivers.

So far:

179.xx 5098 (Dell original)

181.22 5320 (Dox) - Highets points, but i got blurring and shaking desktop/windows

185.85 5088 (Dox)

185.68 5103 (Dox)

Moving on to another Dox driver. Maybe the 181.22 is the best for me and this kind of setup.

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