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GT 130M vs 9600M GT

Guest Nismo91

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Guest Nismo91

hey all, my friend is looking for a laptop that can play. not necessarily high end, since budget is limited.

since im holding an acer 5930g, he's quite interested in something like this. found out 5930g is rather a "limited" edition.

alternatives would be 6935/6930G and 5935G, but that would mean running 1366x768 display which is not suitable for games.

so, since configurations for both laptops are rather similar, having similar processor, and DDR3 RAM, i'd like to compare the graphic card.

5935G > GT130M 1024MB DDR2

6930G > 9600M GT 512MB GDDR3

i've already read the comparison from notebookcheck, but just want to clarify with you pros...

assuming both are running on ~same config, and 1366x768 display, which card would give better performance?

p.s., the laptop that carries gt130m cost more than the 9600m gt...


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Guest JDLR

Both graphics are similar, gt 130m are a bit better, 17%more powerfull than a 9600m gt more or less.

If the prize are too much more i would go for the 9600m gt laptop and the display of 1300 is a bit s*** but its my opinion.

So if i were you, if the 9600m gt have a normal display and its cheaper i would go for it.

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Guest Nismo91

well, i use the 9600M GT with 512 GDDR3. this one is for my friend recommendation.


so, the :

GT130M > higher pixel & texture fillrate > double memory size

9600M GT > higher bandwidth > faster memory

which one is better?

GT130M is absolutely better, if it uses GDDR3.

and yeah, 1366x768 sucks, that's why i chose 5930, with 1280. not absolutely good, but much better than 1366. :)

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Get the version with the 9600m GT because you will have faster RAM. An added note is that he 9600m GT will easily be able to overclock to the GT 130m clocks. Whilst the GT 130m is faster in shader and core clocks, it has nerfed DDR2 RAM instead of GDDR3.

If the computer is using Vista both video cards can boost their total RAM by sharing a small amount with system RAM (NOT turbocache), meaning that the quantity is not important.

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i would decide for 9600m gt . ddr 3 is faster than ddr2 and enough to play games.

made good experiences with ddr 3

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