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Replaced a Geforce Go 6800 video card but having problems


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Just replaced a Geforce Go 6800 video card with another Geforce Go 6800 video card purchased from Ebay (original is died out).

Everything aside from some brand name description seems to be the same: MXM Type III and original heat sink fits like a charm. I swapped the cards, placed everything back, added thermal paste to the new card for the heatsink and i thought it was fine.

Problem occurs right off the bat where I power on the laptop, and i hear the fan working for about 5-10seconds then the entire thing shuts down... Is the new video card to blame or me just being a newb and i forgot to plug / screw something back in?

No boot processes begin and Screen does not light up. All i hear is fan starting up and then it powers down. I thought it was just laptop needing to charge up but i left it on AC and same issue persists.

Laptop model is a Asus Z81SP.

The card purchased from Ebay was made for an Alienware laptop not sure if that would make any difference.

Any help would be really appreciated. :)

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with what BIOS did it come?

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Alienware has used go6800s in pretty different laptops originating from different OEM manufacturers so the bios can be part of the problem.

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Bios, or the card is faulty which is why it might be on eebay.

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