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Windows 7 and full working driver for go5200


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Hello, Larry,

Thanks for hard work making the old GPUs run on Windows 7.

I have a Dell Latitude D800 with a FX Go5200, hardward ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0324&SUBSYS019C1028&REV_A1

I would like to use the 98.16 Vista drivers, however I don't have an .inf for Windows 7 that supports this card / hardware id.

Can you make me an .inf for my machine?

Many thanks again.

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98.13 should do the trick for you. It's basically the same driver and does have a modded inf. Howeveer, there are now some more recent drivers that are reported to work. Check out this thread:

173.90 comes with a modded inf and is reported to work well, so it might be worth a try. Be sure to uninstall your current driver before trying it, though.

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As it turns out, 98.13 does not work well. It appears to work a first, with full Aero, but after serveral windows are opened, clicking on the task bar or orb causes the screen to go black. Sometimes is is temporary, other times a reboot is needed. But it only happens when at least three apps/windows are running.

This is a Latitude D800, Windows 7 Pro, 2 GB ram, FX Go 5200 32 MB.

I'll try the later driver that you mentioned in your last post.

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If 173.90 doesn't work, try 163.11.

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Guest Jerry Wooten

Hi I am trying to get the 98.16 to install on my Dell 5150. If I have understood your instructions properly, I have downloaded and run the "96.85_forceware_winvista_x86_international_whql.exe" to expand all the files into C:\NVIDIA\WinVista folder and then copied the nv_9816_W7.inf file into that directory. When I tell win7 to update to the nv_9816_w7.inf driver, it gets part way into the install and fails saying "the System can not find the specified file." I have no clue what it can't find and where I need to put the missing file so it can be found. Obviously I am missing a bit of information as to how this is supposed to work. Any help I would appreaciate! JWoo

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Jerry, here's another thread on the same subject that may help. It's old but the information is still valid (I think).

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Looks like Win7 SP 1 doesn't allow for the 5x00's to work.

I've got a FX5500 in a PCI card, I just tested.

96.85 installs happily. (with modded INF)

Upon reboot it gets to the login screen (if you have this)

This is for me goes to 1920x1080

But after login the computer just crashes, no BSOD just instantly reboots

Probably crashes as the desktop switches to aero.

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