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Need Help in increasing shared VRAM


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Hi i am currently using this system:

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Pavillion tx 1000
  • Native LCD Screen Resolution: 1280x800 (WXGA)
  • Video Device ID (Mobile): (0244) GeForce Go 6150
  • Video Subsys ID (Mobile): No Information
  • Video Device ID (Desktop): Nvidia Card N/A
  • Video RAM: 64MB
  • System BIOS Version: F.20
  • System BIOS Date: 2008-04-18
  • Video BIOS Version:
  • Video BIOS Date: 2007-12-14

I was wondering if i could increase my VRAM since it is shared as far as i know (correct me if i am not wrong). I am in need of at least 128mb of vram if i need to play the sims 3 thats why i am asking if i can increase my vram as a solution.

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Sorry to tell you this but the GeForce Go 6150 doesn't meet the minimum specs. The 6150 has less than half the performance of the 6200 which is the minimum requirement. As such even if you could fool sims 3 into thinking that you had 128MB VRAM you would not be able to run the game at a minimum fps with everything minimum (i.e. 10+ fps)

6150 has: 2 pixel shaders, 1 vertex shader

6200 (minimum requirement) has: 4 pixel shaders, 3 vertex shaders.

As for increasing video RAM, I think Vista may only do it with more recent video cards (i.e. mobile 8xxx and higher), bellow that video cards use turbo cache (practically the same thing), which the 6150 does not have.

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