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Need some clarification on Nvidia Geforce G210


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Make/Model : Desktop Acer Aspire X3810

Graphics Card -- Device ID (DEV_ID) if known : Nvidia Geforce G210

Current working Driver Version : unknown

Last Useable Driver Version : unknown

Operating System : Windows XP Pro SP2

Nerd log : LaptopVideo2Go_LogFile.rar

An accurate description of the issue at hand :

A brief summary of my problem - I bought the computer preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Basic. Downgraded to Windows XP SP2 so now having problems to find the correct driver. Tried various suggestions, sites, forums, and even acer support to solve problem but to no avail.

My questions ;

1 - From what I understand here, it says "This means ALL nVidia based graphics cards (TNT2, GeForce and Quadro) can use ANY of the drivers after using our 'modification'.". Does that mean I can also use 64bit version, or any driver that originally supports OS different than mine?

2. Say I want to use this driver here - 185.85. I have downloaded the modded INF file, but I don't see my graphic card listed in there. Would I still be able to use the driver?

3. If 1 & 2 is correct, meaning I can use any 32/64 bit version on any OS & I should only use one with the Modded INF has my graphic listed, how do I find the driver that have my graphic card ( Geforce G210 ) listed in its Modded INF?

4. I did a quick search on this forum for Geforce G210. Hence what I gathered from the search results, is that my graphic card id is [DEV_065F]. But in this thread here for example this id was given to G96. Does that mean G210 and G96 is the same thing with different names?

Sorry for the long post. Badly need some guidance.

Thank you.

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1) It's stating Pieter tries to get all models supported based on when that driver was released for that particular OS. e.g. Don't go trying a GTX260 on a 98.XX driver. 32bit still stays with 32bit builds. So download appropriately.

2) You can install it as long as the modified INF contains your card. Answer 1 states why.

3) You can use the drivers page to search for your card ( http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers?dev=065f ) to find the latest NON-modified driver. Which I recommend trying first then update appropriately. Alternatively, as you already have, you can search the forum to find cards listed.

4) G96 would be the name used internally (chip classification) before a proper name was decided. G96 with device id 065F = G210, they would have various flavors of the G96 chip.

Hope that helps.

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That clarified a lot Teraphy, many thanks.

Downloaded 185.20 driver and it works like a charm.

I would gladly recommend this website/forum to anyone looking for similar solution.


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