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Nvidia Laptop with best driver support


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Hey, I'm looking to buy a new laptop with the following inclusions:

 Audio ? Realtek HD Audio

 Graphics ? Nvidia

 Screen ? Anti-glare (Unnecessary)

 Wireless ? Intel or Atheros based

 Chipset ? Any, yet to be investigated

 Bios ? See Chipset

 Touchpad ? Synaptics

Anyone come across any laptops with a similar configuration? It would be a great help! I'm currently going through many sites and forums through trial-and-error in order to find something of this sort. I basically want a laptop with the best possible driver support using only hardware running actively developed drivers.

Appreciate the input =)

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I know that the vostro line from Dell may not seem the most appealing, but the Vostro 1520 actually has a pretty beefy mobile Nvidia card and you have the option to upgrade to a 1920x1200 screen even so watching BluRay movies is no problem! The C2D's inside of them are pretty nice too.

They are business laptops though - not gaming laptops, but you didn't specify what you were primarily going to be using them for.

With my 8400M GS I'm running the Dox Optimized 185.68 and have no problems running games like CoD 4, CoD WaW, CSS, and L4D. Newer games like Prototype and GTA4 give it a run for its money, but that's easily remidied with some tweaking in ATItool for overclocking (Which works in 185.68 :) )

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This sounds like you need a clevo based system from re sellers like sager/eurocom

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