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Amilo Si1520 and WD Scorpio 2.5"


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Dear All,

My old Amilo Si1520 was begging for an upgrade so I went out and bought a couple things. I bought a 320GB HDD from WD. Its a Scorpio and I have problems with it :P . :)

1. Idle temp is 60 degrees :unsure: .

2. Clicks and pops all the time. I used the hdparm switch but on reboot or shutdown there are loud clicks :w00t: .

3. I tried calling WD but those numbers are weird :) . I do +44800 xxxx it is not allocated. I do +4400800XXX and it is busy all the time. I've emailed them to see if they offer a solution before I take it back. It parks all the time :unsure: .

It has 65 degrees now :unsure: . Hotter than the processor and I am doing the following:

1. Outlook

2. Capture NX+View NX

3. IE8 tabs on L2GO

4. 3 WE open.

Anywho, I ran every tool out there, including the WD ones and the drive is fine :unsure: . This AMILO used to be the most quiet laptop I've ever seen. Now it has transformed into an Asus U6 with a Momentus drive that parks non stop :P .

Any ideas???


Wish ...

P.S. It will melt my Keyboard :P .

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