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How do you downclock Gpu?

Guest Alex

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My card (geforce 8600m gt 512 mb - Acer aspire 7720g) is getting too hot, somtimes that hot that it closes itself when im playing., Do you think downcloking my card will help. my cards temparture gets around 95-96 degrees when im playing.

If it is wise to downclock then tell me how, if i can with my lappy.

If it cant help anything to downclock do you know any other ways to lower the degrees alot(not just by 5 or 7). im allready playing with the back lifted with 2 inches. And i dont wanna buy a lappycooler.

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Guest Guest

Well, two solutions. If you get such temps even with the lap lifted, your vents must be clogged with dust. So you should open your lap and clean it to improve the air flow !!!

An other possibility, if your issue is not dust related, could be an undervolting of your gpu by bios flashing.

Or a third solution, your gpu is defective and you can change it if your under warranty.

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Thanks for that simple and nice answer, I havent tried to open back of laptop to clean from dust, but i have tried to blow into the computers vents and there where no dust coming out. So i will try to open it.

But what if it is the undervolting by gpu by bios flashing, what can i do then???

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Hello again i'm Guest. The link Dox gave is well explained. With it and in order to lower your temps you can either downclock your gpu (knowing that you'll lose performances too) or also undervolt it if you look at the voltages section in nibitor. But again, remember to always keep a backup of your gpu bios on the usb boot key just in case.

In my case i've undervolted my gpu and lost about 10 degrees at full load without losing any performance but you must know that each gpu may be different and some could be unstable with a lower voltage. So be careful and proceed progressively if you're planning on doing that ;-)

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I want to Undervolt my GPU too, to decrease temp.It si a Geforce 9500GS. And I dont use OC.

I have undervolted my CPU (t3400) and it works great (10C cooler).

Please is there anybody who has Undervolted geforce 9500GS or similar one? How much can i decrease voltage? And is it worthy doing - how much temperature decreases?


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