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Help with GTX 260M


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Yes so, I've been having trouble installing nvidia drivers for my gtx 260m in my asus g51 laptop which I have windows 7 installed. I've tried drivers 185.81 and 185.85 and both install but detect my gpu as a gtx 170m. GPU-Z would also show that my pci-e bus interface was running at x1 instead of x16 and the clocks were running at 200/120 instead of the posted 500/799. I noticed in the modified INF that the 10DE-0618 is labeled as "GTX 170M" which I tried changing to "GTX 260M" which didn't fix my other problem with the clock rates.



So could someone help me with my problem because I don't want to stick with the oem asus drivers.

I'll post pics of gpu-z when I use the modified 185.85 drivers later.

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I think I tried that and it gave me the same results with 185.81 and 185.85, I'll try again later though just to make sure.

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your clocks downclocking is normal its called powermizer.

It does this to increase battery life and reduce heat.

You can disable powermizer by googling "Disable Powermizer"

Some oem drivers disable powermizer by default for some reason.

Dont worry about the pci bus at x1 its the control panel reporting the wrong speed.

Your performance shouldnt be lower cuz of this.

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Oh, well I guess this worked. Thanks for the help and sorry for it being such a noob question since this is my first laptop and I don't really know what I'm doing. So thank you very much for helping me fix this. :)

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Well, now I noticed that with these drivers, I cannot change my brightness in the Windows 7 power options, mobility center, or from my hotkeys. And when I installed the gpu drivers from the ASUS site, I am able to change the brightness level. Is there a fix for this?

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