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Geforce FX770M BIOS (Dell)?


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Hi there,

I'm looking for a way to read/flash the BIOS of my Dell Precision M4400 graphics card, which happens to be a Geforce FX 770M.

So far I've had no luck using GPU-Z or nvflash, both cannot read the current BIOS on board, and I didn't find any BIOS file on the net which I felt comfortable with trying out to flash (therefore I don't know if nvflash could actually write the BIOS).

RivaTuner also doesn't give me access to the extended properties.

The main reason I wanted to edit the BIOS (or update/replace/whatever) is to undervolt / underclock if necessary the card. The Dell Precision M4400 has a terrible cooling concept, which causes the temperatues to skyrocket and consequently causes a downclocking of the GPU and CPU.

I already successfully undervolted the CPU, which reduced its temperature by a whooping 18°C under load, but this still doesn't seem to be enough for demanding games. Now I was trying to do some undervolting (or a more "stepwise" reduction of the GPU clock, which currently falls from 500/800 to 200/250) for the GPU, but couldn't find a way.

PowerMizer seems to behave irrationally for me. Also I'm kind of handicapped by the available rule possibilities (which it doesn't seem to stick to anyway), so a BIOS mod seems to be the only way to go.

Any ideas?

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Late response, I know. If nvflash cannot read the BIOS off of your card, you definitely should not try to write to it. Regardless though, nvflash wouldn't let you. It sounds like your EEPROM is unsupported as of July. Try a newer nvflash if you really want to flash your card. Always be sure to backup your old rom before flashing the card with a new rom.

The best fix for people would be to get someone to update i8kfangui (or as is the case, rewrite a large chunk of it) to support new machines. Then you wouldn't have to use the crappy Dell BIOS fan control. No (system) programmers have access to these new machines as far as I know.

Edit: Also, I have code that can read the BIOS for you. Alternatively, you could just use nibitor.

Edit 2: Even if the newest nvflash doesn't support your card yet, you can still read the bios from it with the -o command. Ex. nvflash -b -o=3

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