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Dell 1525 Intel GMA Driver - Latest Causes Funky Colors

Kraig C

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Hello, this forum has helped me in the past as I've come across many people with similar problems. However... in this case, no one has posted here about this problem I'm having... so I had to sign on and share it in hopes we can find a solution and fix the problem, and so we can help others who may have had similar issues. Take for instance this thread on Intel's site:

Inspiron 1525 with GM965 Does NOT like Intel's Drivers (On Intel's forums)

The forum solves people's issues up until the actual driver downloads. Intel seems to like to remove older versions of drivers that may only work on certain systems.


My problem is not unlike the ones in that topic on Intel's forums. The latest drivers from Dell are choppy and do not offer 64-bit equivilants... but the latest Generics speed things up... but make the graphics like my computer is on bad acid - and the only way to solve the issue causes my laptop to heat up considerably! 32-bit (when I used XP x86) or 64-bit (I use XP x64 Edition at the moment, and really hate to have to reformat and reinstall 32-bit windows) drivers are hard to find that work for the Inspiron 1525 without messing up the color scheme.

The only way, as I mentioned, to fix it ,is to adjust the Gamma and RGB values using the Intel GMA Control panel until you get it corrected. That said, the colors shift to normal but now your screen is bright and it causes the CPU, GPU and screen to heat up considerably.


I wonder if someone has modded the drivers or has a link to official drivers that do not cause this problem. And I had to be silly and install a x64 bit version of Windows, and that causes my chances of finding a driver to go slim to none.

PS: It happens on Vista x86 or x64 as well, so "upgrading" wouldn't help. It also happens with the default driver from Windows 7 for Intel GMA GM965/X3100.

PPS: Here's my specs. If needed, I can try to get more detailed specs.


Main PC: Dell Inspiron 1525 With Integrated Web-cam and 6-Cell Battery.

Sound Card: Sigmatel HD Audio (PS: Also having problems with this, even with High Def. UAA installed.) HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_8384&DEV_7616&SUBSYS_10280242&REV_1004

Video GPU: Intel X3100/GM965 Graphics Media Accelerator PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A02&SUBSYS_022F1028&REV_0C

Dell BIOS: A16

Attached is a report of my hardware, in case it's needed.

Thanks In advance, Folks!


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