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weird problem please help


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i have strange problem with my sony vaio fz21m. I am not sure what has caused this problem but I think its because of the grapchis card.

I was running modded drivers for 8400m GT from this site, they were running fine, till last week when it was boiling hot here in London.

My laptop was getting very hot and then all of a sudden it has these funny colors.(see pics)

pics gallery

i reinstalled drivers...infact reinstalled the whole vista! but it is still the same!

Any help will be highly appreciated!

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First thing to try is to install the old forceware from the sony site (uninstall the current drivers first), you should also install a temp monitoring software like HWmointor (which is free) and check the max temp that your gpu reached.

don't use the 186.xx drivers because they have been reported to give higher temps.

the strange thing is that these artifacts appears even during the boot sequence

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I have done that! it did not work! It came to a stage where it was not installing any drivers (even the original sony Nvidia geforce8400mGT drivers)

apart from basic vga! SO i tried booting from ubuntu live disk and other linux live cd editions and its same!

i took out my hard drive then turned computer on! those colors still appear!

Now i have installed vista from my laptop's hidden partition and its back to factory default settings! but still the problem exist!

i am scared to loose my laptop it cost me 700 pounds and its only 1year3months old! sadly its out of warranty!

I even cleaned dust with air duster! :) bare dust came out! atleast its not heating up anymore! i could have fried an egg on it!


now i have yellow exclamation mark in device manager before Nvidia driver!

it says: windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems! (code43)

i have tried re-installing it again and its same! even from safe mode!

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Well as sad as it will sound to say it, I think you might have a hardware error with your graphics card. I'm guessing your warranty expired after a year? Perhaps you could look up some repair prices, or find a local computer fixer (there's quite a few of these shops around) who'll fix your stuff quite cheaply.

Good luck.

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Guest Secr9tos


according to your pics the problem is caused by the graphics card itself which means it is damaged. I recommend to contact your local sony-shop for futher information or help.

OR as Gameo said the best deal is contacting a local computer fixer.


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one last thing to check is try to connect the laptop to external display or tv and see if it's the same on the external display

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i cannot connect external display because now it wont even install drivers properly! i have to take it to sont center! They will probably charge loads...but as long as i get it fixed!

Thanks for your help folks!


called sony on 0905 support number, they charge 35 pence per minute!

guess how much they wanna charge? more then what i pay for it!

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