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Very Critical Query


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Hey Guys I need your Advise.

Here's what Happened...

"Nvidia GeForce GO 7600 does not support DirectX10.

Still let me assure you I have used it with its full DirectX10 functionality while playing games such as Crysis and Splinter Cell Double Agent and so on.

The confusing thing is since my motherboard is changed ..... Now Nvidia Card uses DX9.....Though it will see DX10 in "dxdiag - box".

So now tell me what to do....

Uninstallation and Reinstallation is DONE plenty of times....

FYI : HP and NVIDIA both have NO answer on my this Query....

So please I need your advise.....My skills are limited.....


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dxdiag is saying you have DX10 because you are using Vista

your card supports DX9.0c at the highest so all games that you play are in DX9

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First Of all thank you.

And another thing that,

I have already mentioned that it does not suoort DX10.

I agreed,and it shows DX10 in dxdiag box thats due to Vista that also I agreed,

But please read it again , I have been using this since 2years now...

And really the Image Quality is Badly HURT...

"Its still UNANSWERED."

Really any tweaks or steps are most Welcome from you GUYS.....

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