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FO3 - Best Driver - 8600M GT


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If this topic is way too boring, could you tell me why my chipset drivers weren't upgraded when I ran the new version 9 Intel Chipset Driver Install.

Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4Ghz

4 GB DDR2 667 Dual Channel RAM

Patriot Warp V2 64GB SSD ( ~120MB/s )

Intel PM965 + ICH8 Chipset

Nvidia 8600M GT w. 256 DDR2 (186.18 drivers)

XP (nlited)

Fallout 3 w. 1.6 patch

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Guest Conscript

Not 100% sure, but when you install the chipset drivers, it contains drivers for all of intel's chipsets so the newer versions of intel chipset updates would only be updating the newer chipsets and urs would just remain the same.

also, when i install intel chipset drivers, i ususally run it via a command prompt.

say u download the file infinst_autol.exe

1. start > run > cmd

2. type in [location of the infinst_autol] -overall so you would type something like "c:\downloads\infinst_autol.exe -overall" without the quotes and i think it will go through the installation completely including reinstalling the same version.

hopefully wat i said was not all crap....

and for 8600m GT drivers, im currrently using 186.24 which are fine but im noticing a few blips here and there in the sims 3. (sry dont play FO3) but 186.03 and 190.15 were also pretty decent. id give the 186.24 a go and if u dont like those, dox optimized 185.85 are good (tho his 182.47 drivers were my all time fav but a bit old).

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Guest Bartm85


I also have a n 8600M GT (on an Acer Aspire 5920).

Recently I upgraded to 185.81, and my screen suffers from some occasional flickering on the bottom half. Later, I upgraded to 186.13, but it had the same problem. I even have a "dead" pixel now, although I don't know whether this has something to do with the flickering...

So I downgraded to 185.20 again, and everything works fine now.

I also noticed that GTA4 crashes and/or becomes visually messed up since I upgraded. I don't know since which driver version this problem occured. Didn't try GTA4 since reinstalling 185.20.

For performance: overall it seems that when I upgrade, the performance DECREASES. I suspect, although this is just a wild guess, that this might have something to do with the installation of PhysX. I de-installed it and now everything seems to run slightly smoother. Didn't test thoroughly though. So a question: is it good to install PhysX on a 8600M GT or does this card simply not support it?

Does anyone have the same problems/issues as I have?

Bottom line: I also have no clue what the best driver is, although I suspect it isn't necessarily the newest.



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EDIT: Thread is done. Do NOT reply,

Sorry for taking a long time to reply,

@Conscript - Thanks for the tip. I force installed them, but it does seem as if there were no new drivers for my motherboard. I am pretty sure that the 185 drivers from DOX are Vista/7/2008 Driver Architecture Only, but I did install the last ones he/she made for 2k/XP/2003 driver architecture.

@BartM85 - PhysX always seemed like bloatware to me, as I don't have anything that might require it. IMO, I don't see why it would slow down performance if PhysX was disable in NVCP.

I have another question, not related to anything up to this point, (does not merit starting a new thread imo)

- I have a desktop w. 6600 AGP, and 179.xx drivers, but no lumi (Dynamic Range) options in the NVCP. Is this option in the registry or do I have to try different drivers?

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